Back Pain Treatments

If you are suffering from severe back pain, your physiatrist may recommend a non-surgical treatment to confirm a suspected diagnosis and/or reduce your pain and inflammation.

Treatment for Back Pain – Spinal Injections

Peachtree Spine offers specialized back and neck care with the use of the physiatry industry’s most advanced non-surgical back pain treatments including spinal injections. This type of procedure generally consists of a strong anti-inflammatory medicine along with a local anesthetic to provide pain relief. These injections may be placed in various areas along the spine depending on the source of the pain. All procedures are performed under fluoroscopy, an imaging technique, to assure proper placement of the needle. While there are certain back problems that may require back surgery, often times it is not necessary. These spinal injections are back pain treatments that are considered to be more conservative, alternatives to surgery that can provide optimal pain relief and help patients maximize their physical function.

All back pain treatments are performed at Peachtree Spine’s facilities, providing the ultimate level of comfort for patients. Peachtree Spine prides itself on both the patient care it provides through its treatment, and also the customer service it demonstrates. Patients have access to their doctors should they have medical concerns or questions about their back pain treatments and all patients are treated with the highest level of care and compassion.

Do I Need Back Surgery | Non-surgical Alternatives

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