Patient Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it when we say that our practice is home to some of the most skilled physiatrists in Georgia… Read what our actual patients have to say about their first-hand experiences!
“Your people/staff are the kindest, most professional in the field. I could not have had any better care.”

“Everyone was very nice. I appreciated getting a “hand to hold” during my procedure.”

“Just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for how wonderful you and your office was with my care last Friday. I was definitely nervous about the injection and you and your staff made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I am so impressed with your set up there and find your nurses and aides so warm and helpful.”

“The attitude and demeanor of all of the staff was way beyond expectations and you are blessed to have such a great staff.”

“Dr. Taylor is a very kind and caring doctor. I thank him for his skill and help. I have a lot of respect for what he does to help those who are in pain.”

“My overall experience was phenomenal, the staff are very empathetic and courteous. The staff are very knowledgeable about the procedure, and provided me with a substantial amount of information. I was left with a great lasting impression, and I am very thankful.”

“The procedure was very easy, staff was very nice. I was very surprised by how easy and comfortable everyone made me feel.”

“Outstanding customer service; the staff put my fears at ease. Fantastic job!”

“I have been extremely satisfied. Everyone here made me feel at home. They explained to me what to expect so I wasn’t nervous or afraid once I arrived. I will highly recommend their services to all my friends and relatives.”

“Everyone was very polite and helpful. Dr. Grossman explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. I was very pleased with my experience.”


Turn to Licensed Medical Doctors for Back Problems

If you have been searching for an effective back pain cure in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area, you may find relief at one of Peachtree Spine’s six local back pain clinics. With an Atlanta back clinic, a Decatur back clinic, and a Gwinnett back clinic, as well as offices in South Atlanta, Johns Creek, and Marietta, the expert physiatrists at Peachtree Spine can help you find a lasting back pain cure in a location that is convenient to where you live and work. If you are not familiar with physiatry, you should know that it is not for everyone. It is a specific area of medicine in which licensed medical doctors (M.D.s) diagnose and treat painful disorders of the spine through a variety of highly specialized, non-surgical treatments in order to provide patients with a back pain cure and help them regain mobility and restore maximal function lost through illness, injury, or disabling conditions. You may have been encouraged to obtain an MRI or X-ray after visits to the chiropractor, physical therapy, and even prescription pain medications have failed to successfully alleviate your severe neck or back pain. If you are suffering from a herniated disc, facet joint pain, whiplash, spinal stenosis, or another debilitating condition that has not been helped by the aforementioned treatments, a Peachtree Spine physician may be able to help you find the back pain cure you are looking for.

Peachtree Spine Physicians Can Help You Manage Back Pain
Whether you are actively looking for a back pain cure in Atlanta or just browsing the Internet for informative and educational articles on back pain symptoms and treatments, our website is the only one you’ll need to visit. Peachtree Spine is on the cutting edge of back pain management with a number of specially-trained physiatrists who have continually gone above and beyond the standard for this industry in their education and practice. Peachtree Spine’s physicians are dedicated to helping current and future patients learn to practice habits for long-lasting back health that will help them achieve a back pain cure that will stay with them over time. Through the integration of helpful blogs, social media, back pain videos, and other avenues, Peachtree Spine’s doctors have come together to offer their collective expertise to individuals in need of a back pain cure.

The most effective back pain cure for you depends on your specific symptoms, medical history, and level of activity, among other factors. For instance, if your pain is mild and has only lasted a few days, you are not likely to require any advanced treatment – at least not in the immediate future. However, if your pain has affected your day to day life and how you live and work consistently over a period of time, Peachtree Spine may have a back pain cure to suit your needs. Symptoms such as severe headaches, shooting pain from your back to your extremities, and difficulty lifting, bending, or twisting are also indicators of a more serious condition that could benefit from a back pain cure such as an injection or block.

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