Back Pain Symptoms

Severe Back Pain

Back pain symptoms that you may be experiencing provide important information that helps back pain specialists, such as physiatrists, to accurately diagnose and treat severe back pain.

Common Back Pain Symptoms

  • sharp, shooting, or radiating pain in the spinal cord, lower back, or down the leg
  • numbness and tingling in the lower back or any extremities
  • tightness or aching sensations in the muscles

In some cases, people experiencing back pain may also lose control of their fine motor skills and coordination.

Neck and back pain can hinder many of your daily activities, but by diagnosing your pain, we can determine what treatments you may need to get back to feeling better.

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Whether you suffer from acute back or neck pain or your pain is more severe and chronic, describing your back pain symptoms to a doctor can help to diagnose, treat and alleviate severe back pain.

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