The discomfort associated with arm pain is not always related to an arm injury. Spinal disorders or injuries in the upper back can create this pain.

The brachial plexus, the group of nerves located in the neck and shoulder, carry signals between one’s spinal cord and arms. If these nerves are pinched, compressed, or otherwise damaged, painful sensations can arise. Peachtree Spine’s neck and back specialists can diagnose and treat arm pain associated with a back or neck disorder or a potential injury. Through careful examination and a unique treatment plan, our team of physiatrists will help you return to a pain-free lifestyle without invasive procedures.

Tingles in Hands: Possible Sign of Spine-Related Disorders

If you are experiencing arm pain or a tingling sensation radiating from your neck down your arm, do not discount the pain as an isolated occurrence. Your pain should be evaluated by a professional to ensure that there is not an underlying condition requiring medical attention. Your arm pain could be related to serious back and neck disorders such as spinal stenosis or herniated discs. If you have tried physical therapy or visited a chiropractor in hopes of healing your chronic arm pain and have not experienced relief, a board certified physiatrist may be able to identify and perform back surgery alternatives to restore full physical function to any affected parts of your body. Our physiatrists may be able to diagnose the cause of your arm pain and/or tingling right away, or they may wish to run a scan or series of scans to detect the specific source of your pain. After assessing the extent of your injury or disorder, you can trust one of our doctors to suggest the most appropriate option from our array of back pain treatments to manage or eradicate your arm pain.