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Thank you for considering Peachtree Spine Physicians, an independent physiatry practice. Physiatrists are specialized medical doctors who diagnose and treat pain, injuries, and disorders of the back and neck using cutting-edge, non-surgical treatments.

Our goal is always to eliminate back pain and improve mobility. If you suffer from back pain, our experienced physicians can help, even if other treatments have been ineffective.

Our experienced physiatrists can treat your back pain

Our practice includes eleven compassionate and highly-rated physicians: Dr. Kevin Pelletier, Dr. Jasmine Harris, Dr. Matthew Oglesby, Dr. Peter Lee, Dr. Manisha Patel, Dr. Michael Greene, Dr. Derron Jones, Dr. Rayden Cody, Dr. Christopher Taylor, Dr. Matthew Richardson, and  Dr. Jefferey Grossman.

Our physicians and staff take the time to listen to you and understand your symptoms. Then, using cutting edge diagnostic tests and their years of specialized experience, they will work with you to determine the least invasive and most effective treatment for you. And they will make sure you understand every step of the process, including your tests, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Our doctors and nurses take pride in helping you develop a treatment plan that will eliminate back pain and increase your mobility for years to come.

Our friendly staff members will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable

Our practice is known for its excellent customer service, and we couldn’t do it without our courteous, responsive staff members. They’re happy to answer your questions, set up appointments, help you navigate your insurance coverage, and more. Everyone in our office works together to ensure you get the best care possible, so everyone you talk to will be on the same page.

We take great care to ensure you have access to the appropriate staff members, doctors, and nurses, so you can address medical concerns and other needs quickly.

Please email us today for any need and someone will respond to you by end of business day.

We treat many causes of back pain and offer a wide variety of treatment options

Our office is experienced in treating a wide variety of back problems, including herniated discs, lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, post-laminectomy syndrome, coccydynia, whiplash,  and injuries. If you haven’t been diagnosed, we can help determine what might be causing you back or neck pain, then help you determine the best course of treatment for you.


Depending on the causes of your back or neck pain, we have a wide variety of treatment options available, including onsite MRIs, trigger point injections, EMG (electromyography), NCS (nerve conduction study), medial branch blocks, and joint injections.


Our cutting-edge, nonsurgical treatments work, even in cases when other treatments—like prescription painkillers—have been ineffective. We love helping patients find relief, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Convenient Locations

To make a visiting us as easy as possible, we have seven convenient locations in the Atlanta metro area. Our primary office is located in Atlanta, and we have offices in Decatur, Douglasville, Gwinnett, Johns Creek, Marietta, South Atlanta, and Stonecrest.

Appointments available quickly

We know how frustrating it is to be forced to wait to see a specialist for months because they don’t have any appointments available.

We have appointments available quickly, within 24-48 hours of referral, and many patients can be seen the same day. We work hard to ensure that you won’t have to live in pain for weeks while waiting to see one of our doctors.

Ready to schedule an appointment?

Please email info@peachtreespine.com and one our helpful staff members will get back to you shortly.