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Consult with a Back Specialist in Marietta to Alleviate Pain

At Peachtree Spine, our staff of board certified physiatrists specialize in non-surgical treatments for back and neck pain. Our Marietta office, located on Canton Road, right off I-75, is one of our six locations seeing patients for consultations. At Peachtree Spine, we strive to help patients regain full physical function in their back and necks as quickly as possible and our procedures are minimally invasive. We offer consultations at our Marietta office and then may suggest procedures such as epidural steroid injections, facet injections, sacroiliac joint injections, trigger point injections, medial branch block, lumbar sympathetic block, and stellate ganglion block.

Our team takes a conservative and highly customized approach to resolving back pain, and you will find that the physicians at all of our offices, as with all of our Georgia locations, are caring, attentive, and personable. Most of the patients whom we see at the Marietta back clinic office reside in nearby parts of Cobb County, as individuals from other parts of the state may find it more convenient to seek help from one of the physiatrists at our Atlanta office in Sandy Springs or at another one of our six reputable practices.