Non Surgical Alternatives

Most back surgery alternatives offer symptomatic treatment, meaning the pain and symptoms associated with a back condition are reduced to a more comfortable, livable state or completely eliminated. Peachtree Spine offers these conservative back surgery alternatives. Our team of experienced physiatrists are well versed in innovative treatments, and are dedicated to helping you live a normal active life.

Back surgery alternatives may even be an option for individuals who have previously undergone back surgery. Post-laminectomy syndrome, otherwise known as failed back syndrome, develops when painful scar tissue forms at the site of back procedures which can affect nerve roots and cause inflammation. This often happens because the spine was not the source of the problem to begin with. Treatment options often include the same back surgery alternatives recommended for other pain symptoms such as spinal injections, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Before you consider back surgery, consult with a spine specialist and consider the back surgery alternatives that may prove to be better treatment options.

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