Back Pain Patients

Patients can learn more about common back conditions by clicking on the links on the righthand side of this page. Each link provides patients with detailed information about a condition, including: a definition; an explanation of the most common; a brief description of the symptoms that back pain patients may experience as result of the condition; and popular treatment options available to those experiencing back problems. By clicking the links, you can also view educational videos of conditions routinely treated by Peachtree Spine Physicians. The educational videos found here combine narration and animation to present you with in depth information about various back problems and procedures.

For Our Patients

To find out more information about the types of procedures that can help to alleviate your back problems. Please click the links provided below. Each link will take you to an educational video that features animated drawings of the spinal cord and affected areas as it walks you through the specific procedure, step by step. The goal of the videos- and this education section- is to provide clarification and any questions that our patients may have about conditions or procedures.

It is important for back pain patients to be educated about the causes and symptoms associated with their pain and to stay informed about pain management treatment options. For more information about how to prepare for specific procedures please read our patient instructions and for information on what to expect when visiting our office, please read our patient forms. To stay up to date on news related to Peachtree Spine Physicians, as well as innovations in back pain treatments, please visit our Peachtree Spine presscorner.