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The Peachtree Spine press section of our website features news articles and press releases that are designed to provide doctors, patients, and even the general public with relevant pain management news. From the latest information about our doctors, our practice, and our locations to innovative solutions in back and neck pain management, Peachtree Spine press offers informative content and creative tips on preventing back pain. Peachtree Spine has been featured on Atlanta & Company, a live weekday show that showcases top Atlanta businesses, food, arts, and events; our practice has also been featured in various local magazines and news sources. Our collection of Peachtree Spine press is constantly growing, so be sure to check back often for the most up to date back pain news and information.

In addition to following the Peachtree Spine press featured here on site, those interested in back pain news can also read publications written by our esteemed physiatrists. Jeffrey S. Grossman, M.D., a non-surgical lumbar and cervical specialist at Peachtree Spine’s practice, authored Innovative Doctoring: Solutions Lie Within Us, which aims to inspire creativity in the field of medical practice amongst all those involved in the modern healthcare system. Anyone interested in learning more about revolutionary medical solutions can order Innovative Doctoring online or inquire about it at our Atlanta Office. For more information about our practice, our medical professionals, and our doctors’ publications, patients and doctors alike can also watch back pain videos.

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